Advantages of API interfaces

The system is seamless

Seamlessly integrate with your current O&M systems

Based on the test data, the reporting system can be customized and developed

Real-time troubleshooting

Real-time troubleshooting network issues

Through 17CE-API, you can test the network to the server across the country in real time to quickly locate problems

Massive number of nodes

Massive number of nodes

17CE monitoring nodes already have 4.5W of hundreds of units per day, growing to meet the needs of ISPs around the test

Characteristics of monitoring points


including all provinces, cities, and ISPs


it has expanded to over20countries

The total node is4.5W

with several hundred new ones added every day

24hours online

real-time traceability of problems

Product pricing

Pay-as-you-go, no payment required if not used

0.01 yuan per test per speed measurement point

Product pricing

How to activate?

Step 1: Register by creating an account.

Register by creating an account.

Step 2: Activate your account after registration.

Activate your account after registration.