17CE Partners Join

一、Why join 17CE
1.The most professional website speed platform
17CE is the most professional website speed test platform in China, and 17CE has maintained rapid growth since its launch.

2.Accurate customer goals
100% direct IDC users, users who care about the speed of the site throughout the country are responsible and technical personnel of large-scale websites. Cooperation with us can enhance brand value and bring business sales revenue.
3.Low investment
the cost is only tens of dollars per month, Baidu on the keyword click, hot point of the keyword will be dozens of blocks;
The bandwidth occupancy is almost 0, because the speed measurement takes up the bandwidth that IDC enters, does not occupy the export bandwidth, has occupied to the original bandwidth resources almost。
4.Significant return
100% accurate target users, one year as long as one customer purchases products, they earn, and tens of thousands of times a day, improve the company's brand, website links and the use of SEO key rankings to improve

二、cooperation method
One independent VPS server or one independent server
Hardware requirements: 2 core CPU 2GB memory 60GB hard disk
Bandwidth requirement: 10M uplink bandwidth, downlink bandwidth 20M or unlimited
operating system:ubuntu16.04 64位

pay back:
Five server sponsorships: one homepage partner..
QQ : 2253556988